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Top five types of face washing machines worthy of investment in 2018

Technology development, the beauty and the equipment also became popular. Environmental pollution is the leading cause of skin damage. Even if you wash your face twice a day, you will not be able to get rid of the dirt. Thus, the face washing machine was born as a savior, helping the skin to be deeply […]

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Eat Clean Diet – The 7 days detox, weight loss menu

Have you ever felt the need to refresh your diet? Or after the holiday, you want to get rid of the toxins from your body by eating “healthier than usual”? Take the Eat Clean Diet! The following is a diet Eat Clean with a menu of suggestions for 7 days to help your body is […]

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Common mistakes of skincare on summer

A hot summer has begun, it is time to make changes in skin care methods to adapt to hot weather and sunshine. However, most people still make the basic mistakes after skin care in the summer. 1. Use a towel to dry the skin Using a towel dry skin when bathing or bathing is almost […]

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Makeup tips help conceal high cheek

High cheekbone is a facial defect that any woman would like to hide it, because according to the opinion of the East, the person with high cheekbones is a general with her husband. But do not worry, this is the makeup tips to conceal the high cheek! Makeup for high cheekbones High cheekbone is a […]

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7 deep facial cleansing methods are effective quickly

A deep cleansing of the face to the pores, helps the skin against the harmful effects of the environment. As day passes, your skin must “fight” with polluted smoke and pollutants that clog the pores, causing acne irritation, dark skin and rapid aging. Pore (or hair follicle) is a duct attached to the sebaceous glands […]

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